R70 diesel

The Rotrax R70 diesel engine tracked carrier has been expertly engineered with a low centre of gravity which provided enhanced stability in all worked conditions and the robust construction ensures enhanced torsional resistance. The Rotrax R70 diesel engine high tip skip loader is operated from a standing position at the rear of the machine which allows for fantastic all-round visibility. The totally hydraulic transmission with double variable displacement pump and a fixed displacement engine provides super stability and manoeuvrability across all terrains. 

  • Machine Weight: 375 kg
  • Carrying Capacity: 650kg
  • Drive System: Single Joystick, Hydrostatic
  • Engine: Yanmar L100 Diesel with  electric start
  • Travel/Speed: Variable, 0-4.2 kph
  • Auxiliary Oil Flow: 11 L/min @ 180 bar